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As I said in my first post, I have an LJ by the name of [ profile] maymorning. I also have a DeadJournal [ profile] nisaba and an InsaneJournal [ profile] piscesgirl. I've just started the DJ, but I've had the IJ for a good while; it's a permanent account, no less! To be honest, I'd been thinking about moving away from LJ for a few months. The recent long downtime gave me the chance to do something about it, and so I got myself the DJ. I haven't updated any journal of mine in months.

The reason why I wanted to move from LJ was that it was too closely associated with things in my life that I am trying to move on from. I don't want to forget the people I knew there: I'll keep my journal so that I can read their posts and comment. But I don't want to post there anymore. I'm experimenting with cross-posting this to IJ. I'd do the same for DJ but I'm only allowed to have one other journal in my free account. I'd have paid for my journal at Dreamwidth, but they don't take paypal. The more, because I had paid for a year of my DJ. You see, I don't mind paying when and where I can.

Anyway, that's why I'm here at Dreamwidth. I'll see how things go, if I decide to make one or other my main journal or if I drop any of them. I used to try out all the LJ clones. I had accounts all over the 'net!

It's been a quiet day, all in all. The highlight was picking fleas off the cat. No, honestly, I'm serious. Well, not about it being a highlight. Fleas have been a real problem for us, with three cats. I've tried Bob Martin's and Frontline spot-on, I've tried flea pills and collars, and nothing works. There is a theory that fleas have become immune to the more popular brands, like Frontline. So I resorted to getting a flea comb. So far, we've had a go with Morgan. He is a very fluffy white cat. His fur is so fine it's more like cotton wool. He is badly troubled with fleas, poor lad. Like me, his blood must be very sweet. He was very good though, letting me part his fur and comb those fleas away. If I keep on doing that, a bit every day, it might get rid of some of them. Thing is, spot-on etc. only works on cat and dog fleas. Our cats go out into the fields all day and pick up sheep fleas.

At least the hens don't get fleas, though they can get red mites which are just about the same thing. I have diatomaceous earth for that and luckily, we don't seem to have had many red mites in our hen houses. If anyone's reading this, there probably feeling quite scratchy by now!

Nos da!
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