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 I went to town today. I go every wednesday morning, and go for a walk along the seafront with my chums. There are usually six of us, and we've been doing this walk for three years. We never get tired of it, the sea is always different.

Today, as tit was actually, honestly warm and the sun was shining, half of Aber were also out. Walking the Promenade, having coffee and a gossip, watching dogs running mad on the beach. There was even a couple of surfers; the first we've seen this year. We don't reckon to get many warm days here: if it's not raining in Aber, it's going to: so everyone makes the most of it when it happens. 

We met up with a lady who was cycling along the footpath, with a puppy in a basket in the back. Of course we all had to pet the puppy and have our fingers licked and kissed by her. Gorgeous little pup! The lady said she had bred her, and she was a pug. She didn't look like any pug I'd ever seen. Reason being, this particular breeder is trying to breed the flat face out of her pugs. Well done! The chief vet of the UK has said that he is concerned about the flat-face breeds and the difficulty they have in breathing. Many of them have to go to a vet to have their nostrils widened. It's ridiculous, when you know that the original breeds, in the 19th century, had perfectly respectable muzzles and noses. Like the pug puppy we met today. I'm all for that, and I wish the chief vet would also make a like remark about flat-faced cats. There's no need for that at all.

Anyway, back to the sea, which was blue and a little rough, hence the surfers. Before I went walking I'd been to the nurse for my bi-annual blood test. I have a diabetic M.O.T. coming up. It seems that my blood pressure is a little high. But nothing to worry about. She was a good phlebotomist, but I still have a bruise and a sore arm. After our walk we went for coffee in the Medina, a rather nice Spanish cafe. It was pretty full, we couldn't get our usual table. But we did manage to get around a large one, that takes all six of us easily. That's why I like the Medina, that and their gorgeous coffee. We were also given delicious hand-made little shortbread biscuits with our coffees.

So, I'm back home, with sore feet. I always suffer that way after a walk; or else my knees give me gip. But it's worth it for the gossip and the sea air. Once again, I thank the Goddess that I live in Aberystwyth!
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I hate journalling. I can't even keep up with a paper journal for more than a few weeks before I give up. Problem is, I just do not like writing about myself. I just discovered that I have a journal over at DeadlJournal as well, and I have an LJ thought I haven't looked at it, or even logged in, for donkey's years. Do you remember when there used to be a ton of LJ clones? I had accounts at a fair number of them. Silly really, one, or even two are quite enough.

I won't make any promises, but I will try to update more often. Yes, I know, do or not do, there is no try. My therapist used to say that too. (No, she wasn't small and green.) But I reserve the right to try. So there!

Meanwhile, things have changed since last I posted in august 2011. We moved house in 2016, after losing two more cats on that dang blasted road. We're down to just Jack now. We spent six months looking at houses. There was the rather nice house with the summerhouse, that was in a village where there were just one bus a day, and a mobile post office a couple of times a week. There was the bungalow in a village, that came with 8 acres of land. Except that one would have to have one leg longer than the other to walk said acres. (In other words, very steep!) Eventually, after giving up for a few weeks, we found the perfect house. It was a bungalow, had a garden big enough for the hens, and was far away enough from the main road, so Jack would be safe. And it was just half a mile away from our old house!

So now we're in a hamlet called Rhyd-y-Gwin, in a house called Ger-y-Nant. It's big, for a bungalow, as there's an annex built on. We have 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, a sun room and a utility room. Pretty big! Other updates: we now have just two hens, Shelley and Buttercup. Daughter is living here and she's the ecologist in the planning department of our county council. Hubband is working hither and yon.

And me? Well, I'm just 3 chapters away from having written an honest-to-goodness novel! I'm a member of two Women's Institutes, but generally I'm just the same as usual. Daft as a brush. larger than life and twice as natural. If you remember me, do come and say hello.
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I finally finished "Rebels and Traitors" (by Lindsey Davis). It was the most dreadful book I've read in a very long time. I pride myself that I have only once given up on a book, so I ploughed my way through it. I should have got a medal for doing so.

The real action, the interaction, as it were, between the two main characters Gideon and Juliana, happens at around page 562, of a book that is 742 pages long. So much for being taught to begin with the action. That isn't the worse thing though. The worse thing is that Ms David Mary Sue's it; or given that her main character (you'd think!) is male, it's Barry Sue-ed. Gideon just happens to be in the forefront of the main events: the arrest of Charles I, the escort of the executioner and deaths of very important people. Another character is part of the plot to assassinate Cromwell. (It doesn't make any difference to the plot for me to give that away.) For heaven's sake woman! That would be fine if Gideon were a real person, but he's entirely fictional. You do not have fictional characters in at major events in history. Not when they're not just being bystanders and witnesses, but are actually taking part.

I cannot believe that Century and Arrow Books accepted this, let alone actually wasted paper and ink and published it. Well, my copy is off to Oxfam on monday. Hopefully, if someone else is daft enough to want to read it, the cost of it will go entirely to charity and not to the publishers or Miss Davis. she doesn't deserve it, not for this. I'm ashamed for her, I really am. And I hope she give up trying to be a Serious Historical Author and goes back to writing what she's really good at: Falco.

Friday Five

Aug. 5th, 2011 10:33 pm
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School Days

Bully, teacher's pet, geek, shy kid in the corner, or something else?
Shy kid in the corner and a geek!

What did/do you usually eat during lunch time at school?
At primary and my first high school, it was school dinners. I rather liked them. At the second high school, in New Zealand, I went home as we lived just down the road. I always had pea and ham soup and crackers.

What did/do you normally wear to school? Thinking back to what you wore (if you've already graduated), do you like it?
I'll answer for my second high school as it was the one I went to for the longest. My school wore the old-fashioned dark blue serge tunic dress with a white shirt and tie. In the summer it was a cotton tunic. I liked the uniform I wore in the sixth form, which was a blue tartan skirt and white blouse with blue cardigan in the winter, and a cotton dress in the summer. I liked the summer uniforms.

Any sports/activities/clubs you participate(d) in?
When I was at school in England, I was a member of the school choir and I played netball for my house. But at the school in NZ there were no after school clubs.

Any worthwhile friends you (would) still keep up with after graduation?
None. And I have tried. I joined the NZ version of friendsreunited and was linked to some people I knew. But no one seems keen to take it any further. So apart from that, no, no one keeps up with anyone after leaving school
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There is nothing more disappointing than a normally good, well-known author turning out a boring tome that gets published because of their name. I'd read a couple of books by Lindsey Davis from her Falco series. They are very good, about a Roman detective working his way up from being a freedman to middle rank, and marrying a senator's daughter along the way. I love them, can't get enough of them. They are very well written and are completely absorbing. So, when I couldn't find anymore in my local branch of Waterstones, but found Lindsey Davis' civil war novel, "Rebels and Traitors", I thought it would be just as good. Right?

Wrong! She begins the novel well (which is thick enough to take two Falco adventures) with the main event, the execution of King Charles I. But then she spoils the whole thing by following it up with a huge info-dump. I really did not need to know the whys and wherefores of how the war began. If I really wanted to, I could read plenty of non-fiction books on the subject. Ms Davis started well, but then slowed the whole book to a snail's pace with far too much information. I get that she did a lot of research and read a lot of books about it. But we readers didn't need to be given the sum total of her background notes. I thought the point was to show the information in the action, not lecture the reader.

And then, oh dear, Ms Davis forgot the rule about cliches. As in, don't use them! They are not as frequent as some writers manage to strew around, but they were bad enough. The thing that really makes me angry is that if a first-time writer turned "Rebels and Traitors" in as their d├ębut effort, they would be laughed out of ever writing again. No publisher in their right mind would expect it to sell. Not at the size of it and the huge section after the first chapter that could easily be cut out without spoiling the story.

The problem is one I call the Stephen King effect. It happens when a writer gets too big for their proverbials. No one dares to edit them. How would they even consider removing one word of that precious, wonderful prose?! The result is a bloated, disappointment. I wish Ms Davis had just written another Falco book instead. Those she can do very well, without feeling the need to lecture the reader on every facet of the Emperor Vespasian's reign and character. The reader picks up a Falco book to, well, read about what kind of a mess Falco has managed to get himself into and how Helena Justinia will help him to get out of it again. If you're a Falco fan, avoid "Rebels and Traitors". I'll probably plough on with it for a while longer, but I doubt I'll make it to the end. I think that this is one book that I will happily donate to Oxfam.

Pryn da.
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Oh yes I am! I went to the gym today, as I always do of a wednesday (and a monday and friday), and I managed to get there for the half past 10 class. Now usually I go around the equipment on my own; two circuits and steps in between. That's enough for me, to be honest. By then I'm sweating like the proverbial and bright red in the face. That takes a nice 20 minutes.
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As I said in my first post, I have an LJ by the name of [ profile] maymorning. I also have a DeadJournal [ profile] nisaba and an InsaneJournal [ profile] piscesgirl. I've just started the DJ, but I've had the IJ for a good while; it's a permanent account, no less! To be honest, I'd been thinking about moving away from LJ for a few months. The recent long downtime gave me the chance to do something about it, and so I got myself the DJ. I haven't updated any journal of mine in months.

The reason why I wanted to move from LJ was that it was too closely associated with things in my life that I am trying to move on from. I don't want to forget the people I knew there: I'll keep my journal so that I can read their posts and comment. But I don't want to post there anymore. I'm experimenting with cross-posting this to IJ. I'd do the same for DJ but I'm only allowed to have one other journal in my free account. I'd have paid for my journal at Dreamwidth, but they don't take paypal. The more, because I had paid for a year of my DJ. You see, I don't mind paying when and where I can.

Anyway, that's why I'm here at Dreamwidth. I'll see how things go, if I decide to make one or other my main journal or if I drop any of them. I used to try out all the LJ clones. I had accounts all over the 'net!

It's been a quiet day, all in all. The highlight was picking fleas off the cat. No, honestly, I'm serious. Well, not about it being a highlight. Fleas have been a real problem for us, with three cats. I've tried Bob Martin's and Frontline spot-on, I've tried flea pills and collars, and nothing works. There is a theory that fleas have become immune to the more popular brands, like Frontline. So I resorted to getting a flea comb. So far, we've had a go with Morgan. He is a very fluffy white cat. His fur is so fine it's more like cotton wool. He is badly troubled with fleas, poor lad. Like me, his blood must be very sweet. He was very good though, letting me part his fur and comb those fleas away. If I keep on doing that, a bit every day, it might get rid of some of them. Thing is, spot-on etc. only works on cat and dog fleas. Our cats go out into the fields all day and pick up sheep fleas.

At least the hens don't get fleas, though they can get red mites which are just about the same thing. I have diatomaceous earth for that and luckily, we don't seem to have had many red mites in our hen houses. If anyone's reading this, there probably feeling quite scratchy by now!

Nos da!

first post

Jul. 30th, 2011 11:05 pm
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Hello! I'm not really new, but this is my new DW journal. I was/am also seren (and maymorning at LiveJournal). Thing is, I'd love to change my username here, but they don't allow payments to be made using paypal. I can't use a credit card or money order as I'm in the UK, not the USA. So I decided to change the username by creating a new journal. So this is me, 50-something, wife and mother with a 25-year-old daughter, 3 cats and 6 hens. It's getting late here now and I need my beauty sleep, so I'll post more tomorrow.

Nos da!


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